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Hello beauty! I’m Linnea, abundance coach, private yoga teacher, former anxious soul turned abundant, full time entrepreneur and an avid believer in meditation. I enjoy a level of abundance in my life beyond my wildest dreams.

But just a few years ago, my life looked very different...

I’d had more odd jobs than there are grains of sand on a beach. I’d moved from Sweden to Italy, Sydney, Paris, Berlin and Paris again. I spoke five and a half languages. I finally got my first full time job after my engineering studies.

And still… there was something missing.

What should feel like a victory felt more like anxiety. Not. One. More. Time.

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What does a girl do to calm herself down? Medication or meditation! I went for the latter one and in a desperate attempt to find peace, I started to meditate daily.

Which pushed me off the cliff and into a spiritual awakening. And life would never be the same.

My eyes opened up to a new world with features I hadn't even been able to fantasize about. It was as if I'd lived my whole life with blinders on, and that they were finally taken away!

And I realised that nothing was missing. It had been there all along.

With this newfound spiritual awareness came hope. A will to help the world heal. An inexplicable knowing that we're infinite, and that the influence, income and independence I craved deep down wasn't only possible but probable.

I just didn't know how, but trusted that the universe knew in my place.

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I started to go to yoga class every day after work, and soon felt called to teach. With this new courage, I paid the deposit for a yoga teacher training in India a couple of months later. I didn't have the money nor the vacation days to go - but I had trust, and that was enough.

At that same time, I started to obsess over the country of Costa Rica. I read every travel blog and followed all Instagram accounts I could find about the magical, mystical central american country. I could almost sense the sand between my toes walking on the savage beaches at sunset!

Fast forward a few months later. I was sitting in front of my computer when an email notification popped up in front of me: “Free yoga teacher training in Costa Rica!” read the subject.

I opened it:

“The first person who signs up will win a free yoga teacher training in Costa Rica!”

I instantly signed up, only to realise it must have been some kind of spam. Obviously, there’s no such thing as a free yoga teacher training in Costa Rica! I went on about my day and didn’t think more about that.


The following day, I got an email: “Congrats! You were the first person to sign up which means that you can go for free!”

I still couldn’t believe it (hello scarcity mindset!), and not until having called the customer service for the travel agency behind the email it started to sink in: I had just manifested my way out of corporate life!!

I was studying coaching on the side, and figured I could make a living of teaching yoga and coaching. Only that I knew nothing about how to run an online business.

The beauty of having manifested something big is that it builds trust. I copied the process I used to manifest the yoga teacher training, and managed to get a business loan to invest in my brand new biz.

Imagine waking up to this email in your inbox,when all you want is to take a yoga teacher training and go to Costa Rica!.jpg

And the results didn’t wait. I soon quit my corporate job and launched my coaching business, all while building a roster of weekly private and corporate yoga clients - something I would never have imagined a few months prior!

Today, I have the privilege to work with lovely yoga clients in Paris and amazing coaching clients all over the globe! I wake up when I want. I can travel and see family and friends whenever I wish, without the need to ask for permission.

And best of all, besides the fulfilment from helping people heal themselves and contributing to making this world a better place, is that my default feeling is excitement. Joy. Bliss. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything in the world!

I’ve developed a coaching framework based on the methodology I used to manifest the yoga teacher training, business loans, coaching clients and becoming a fully booked private yoga teacher - within 3 months of starting my business! - so that you can, too!

This is mindset/spiritual coaching to lay the energetic and emotional foundation to call in your abundant life faster than you can say “I’m not good enough“.


Proudly presenting Align, Act & Attract:

  • Align is the mindset work: getting aware of and beyond limiting beliefs using tools and breakthroughs through coaching

  • Act: how to take inspired action and create a structure for your work that suits YOU (and that would make a Virgo envious) and how to stop procrastinating

  • Attract: the spiritual part! Here, we develop a personalised abundance practice for you to manage your energies, hack Law of Attraction and co-create with the universe 

I’ve shared my story to tell you that passion beats perfection, and when you finally find the courage to follow your soul… the universe has your back in ways you never could have imagined!