This 1 Mindset Hack Will Have You Manifest ANYTHING!

Mindset. The buzzword that is thrown left and right. What does it mean?

When googling it, the first result that popped up on my screen was “The established set of attitudes held by someone“.

What established set of attitudes are you operating under? Are those attitudes supporting you?

If you’re reading this and are not living your abundant life in all areas - wealth, health, love, mission:

  1. I’m not happy before you’re happy - let’s change this around now!

  2. You’re probably still holding on to a mindset that is not serving your highest good. That is not high vibe and nice to hang out in, but imposing invisible prison walls around you.

And you’re so not alone! I believe we’re in essence truly unlimited, and therefore always holding back in some sense. We’re operating on a mere 10% or so of our full power. Let’s change that!

As usual, personal development is not an all or nothing game. It’s relative. It’s about increasing the fun and nice parts of life and decreasing the uncool ones.

What can be more worth allocating your precious time and energy to?!

Early in my journey, when I’d just went through my spiritual awakening - which felt like waking up to a whole new world (Disney reference intended) - I stumbled upon a theory that stuck.

It was by Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani, and it looks like this:

We see life as happening either:

  • to us

  • for us, or

  • from us.

Let’s dive into each of them:

  1. Life is happening to you - events that not go as expected are failures

The first one is the state in which the vast majority of people find themselves. Life is happening to me. We have no power over anything in life. We’re victim to our circumstances. We’re separated, limited, and things that don’t go as planned are failures.


Seeing life as happening to you is our default state. I lived under that belief for a looong time, and guess what? Life wasn’t that nice. It felt like being in a tumble dryer. Sometimes you’re on top and life feels good (or rather OK since you’re under the constant threat of things being taken away from you), then you’re falling down and life’s not that good any more. You’re constantly worrying. Anxiety and depression are common side effects of seeing life as happening to you.

Besides, you’re living life far from your full power - and somewhere you sense that you’ve got so much more to give, but all you can do is wait for that next peak and hope it lasts.

Entering the power of mindset: you can CHOOSE to quit that state for good! You can choose a mindset that’s nicer. Just as if you’re at the optician and you’re trying different frames for your new glasses - it’s you who decides which ones you wanna wear and see life through! Amazing!

However, different glasses come with different price tags. And in this case, the currency is spiritual connection.

The more you work on your spiritual connection, the more trust you’ll gain and the more you’ll naturally shift into a mindset that’s serving you!

And you’ll swap “to” to “for”.


2. Life is happening for you - events that not go as expected are lessons

When life is happening for you, you’re way above the vibrational state of most humans. Failures no longer exist; when things not go as planned, they are lessons.

This mindset builds on the presumptions that there’s always something to learn. You see the universe as something external giving you exactly what you need right when you need it the most for your soul to grow and evolve. And when your soul evolves, you’re capable of living your mission on this beautiful planet, of supporting others to grow and evolve, too!


This mindset is only possible for those who feel a spiritual connection of some kind. Seeing life as happening for you is not compatible with the strictly Cartesian/rational way of seeing us as separate entities, only here to do time and then pass away for good. If we only exist in our human costumes, within the limits of what our five senses can comprehend, what would be the meaning of learning things? They will be forever gone once you’re gone.

Also, the limitation with this mindset is that you are separate from the universe. There’s an imposed duality: the universe that is causing things, and you who are experiencing the effects.

The last one then? you might think. And that mindset hack you promised? Yes - now it gets really juicy! I hope you feel my vibe going up all the way across the digital dimension. Because we saved the best for last:


3. Life is happening from you - events that not go as expected are blessings

Seeing life as happening FROM you. Aaah! I know, I thought it was very far-fetched and way too out there when I first heard about it. Like holding a pair of glasses made of pure gold. I felt intimidated by their immense value, but also curious about what I could see through them.

And to me, curiosity always wins over caution. So of course I had to collect enough currency to go for that Rolls Royce version of seeing reality.

When life is happening from you, you believe that you’re manifesting EVERYTHING that happens. From drinking a glass of water to missing your train to getting yelled at by your boss to meeting the love of your life. Everything, big or small, is something you’re 100% responsible for and therefore in control of!

That’s it - with great freedom comes great responsibility.

Or, as I prefer to see it:

With great responsibility follows great freedom.

You have infinite power. You’re capable of experiencing whatever your wish to experience in this lifetime. The sky is not the limit - the mind is! How liberating and ecstatic isn’t this view of reality?!


When life is happening from you, everything you get back is a blessing because you CHOSE for it to happen at some level. Manifesting often happens from our subconscious, so your task turns into tending your subconscious mind and having it manifesting in your favor.

This is the state I wanna hang out in. I believe that the ultimate freedom can only be reached if you take full responsibility for everything you experience in life. Including other people’s behaviour. Because when you see life as happening from you, you understand that this universe is a 360 degree mirror.

The currency of the universe is not expensive glasses but energy. The energy you send out is the energy that will bounce back to you. And quantum physics tells us that everything is vibration and frequency if we look close enough.

Also, you wouldn’t change the reflection in a mirror (= other people’s behaviour or events) and expect yourself to change.

You change yourself - then the reflection will follow!

See it as a radio: you have to tune into the frequency of what you wanna hear. Give to get. Align to attract. And you can’t tune into Metal FM and expect to hear classic music.

In terms of energy: When you raise your vibration to the frequency of love, by loving yourself, you will attract that love frequency in events and people.

All these metaphors to giving you the freedom to choose a mindset that serves you the most. That brings you and other people joy, freedom and abundance.

Most people get stuck on that responsibility part. It’s impossible to see yourself as a victim and be fully responsible. You have to quit victim mode and become the CEO for this life adventure, to see life as happening from you and learn to play with your frequency and attract back whatever you want.

Simple as that!

Who’s with me?!