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3 Things I Do Daily to Manifest My Abundant Soulful Girl Boss Life! (and that you should do, too)

Manifesting. What is it even? What associations come up for you?

The simple answer: everything we experience in life is a result of manifesting. So why not use it intentionally? Why not go for the best version of life you could ever imagine?

If I could tell the world one thing it would be: you can have it all. The freedom. The finances. The fun. That’s abundance to me!

My own journey went from staring at a screen in a cubicle while building someone else’s dream and leaving mine until “some day when I feel ready”, to create my own dream.

Which includes enjoying a life of sleeping in on Monday mornings. Working with soul mate clients so amazing that I can’t wait to our next session together and still have to pinch myself in the arm to realise I get (well) paid to do this . Being a fully booked private yoga teacher less than a year after graduating. Going from laying awake at night trying to breathe through anxiety attacks and feeling “what if I’m just not good enough?” to trusting that I always will find a way.

And this is only the beginning! I’m currently manifesting to travel around the world to Tulum, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Australia, Bali and India before going to Ibiza. I’m so confident that this is gonna manifest that I share it with all of you. I’ve DECIDED for this to happen - it has no choice but to take physical form!

But… how?

Entering the juicy stuff. This is the framework that I use in my 1:1 abundance coaching program and that I’ve used myself to manifest:

  • a free yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, allowing me to quit my job and start my own business - stay tuned for the full story in an upcoming post! (Or read about it here if you can’t wait)

  • a business loan that chances looked very slim I would get… logically, that is

  • such an abundance of recurring private yoga clients that I’m now a fully booked private yoga teacher

  • coaching clients in ways only the universe could come up with

  • teaching yoga at a retreat location in Ibiza

  • and so much more! (like money coming “out of the blue” just when I ask for it)

Enough about me - OK one more thing: my addiction (besides chocolate) is having YOU step into your soulful girl boss life too!

Because fun is greater when shared. Because life is happening now. Because you deserve it. So why would you go for something less?!

Imagine all the things you could have today if you would have started a few months ago. Enjoying a life as your own boss, treating yourself with a massage on a Tuesday morning. Traveling whenever you want, wherever you want. Taking the bill when lunching with family and friends because money is not a problem.

Do you realise that this is so possible for you?!

I’m no different from you!

I was scared of literally everything. The last thing someone thought I would be was an entrepreneur. I’ve always identified as an introvert. I saw selling as anything but being of service. I’ve had panic and anxiety attacks and more odd jobs than there are grains of sand on a beach, because I didn’t know what to do when I grew up.

And when I finally got that full time job… I finished escaping into the hallway doing handstands against a wall every ten minutes.

My point is: if I can, so can you!

Pic cred  Sofie Melin

Pic cred Sofie Melin

Over to my framework for manifesting literally anything: Align, Act & Attract.

  1. Align: The mindset work or removing limiting beliefs. Your conscious mind is like the tip of the iceberg: even if you want something so badly you could stay away from chocolate for a month to have it (is it just me?! If so - replace with your fav vegetable!), but you don’t BELIEVE you can have it or you don’t feel WORTHY of having it… the major part of your being will repel it more than a whole tube of SPF50 does with the Australian sun. Like A LOT. The hack is to have your subconscious with you instead of against you - otherwise the next 2 steps won’t be as effective. And it all starts with awareness! Get aware of your perceived limits. This can be done by journaling or sitting in meditation, and in my 1:1 program we dive much deeper into this part to see how we can find practices that feel fun and just the right amount challenging for you!

  2. Attract: How to leverage the power of the universe or that something going beyond logics. I freaking love this! I mean I love all parts of course, but the Attract part has something magical and mystical over it. For my fellow astrology geeks, I’m a Cancer sun and Pisces moon which means i’m A LOT into everything supernatural and extrasensorial, especially in combination with the rational and logical - that’s where the magic not only happens but also manifests! Attract means to visualise your abundant soulful girl boss life and allow yourself to feel all the feelings you wanna have NOW! Everything is energy and vibrations in the universe, and as we tap into the emotional state of already having it, we’ll allow for it to manifest much quicker. Visualising practices are widely used by athletes and politicians to attain their desired results. Jim Carrey, Steve Jobs, Scott Dilbert, Kathrin Zenkina aka Manifestation Babe, Lady Gaga and Oprah are some amongst a ton of famous people who have used visualisation/Law of Attraction practices to attain massive success, so even if science hasn’t caught up yet this stuff is rocket fuel for manifesting!

  3. Act: Sometimes forgotten because it often requires you to do that uncomfy thing, but SUPER powerful and necessary is the art of taking action. We love to romanticise manifesting as thinking of something and having it drop down in your lap, but our physical reality works according to free will and therefore you must take action for things to happen. I believe that when things seemingly manifest out of thin air, we have taken action without being aware of it! I speak about inspired action here, which means doing that thing you feel called to do that might not always make sense rather than hustling and trying to do all the things. Abundance covers all areas of life - including an abundance of time, remember? To be able to take inspired action, you must be in tune with your intuition. Intuition facilitates decision. With my clients, we look at what actions feel aligned to achieve the desired abundance as well as practices to intuitively know, so that you can be independent in your manifesting! An example of action: I reserved a spot at a yoga teacher training in India and paid the deposit before I won my free spot, even though it didn’t make sense since I didn’t have the money nor the vacation days to go! This sent out a sign to the universe that I was serious about doing the training no matter what, and that I trusted that it would happen.

We wanna start by looking at the Align part, so that you can allow yourself to dream big and be sure that the dream is what you really want and not what you “should” want. That will give you your abundant vision for the Attract part, so that you can Act towards what your heart and soul truly desires!

After taking action, you will have a reaction in form of things manifesting physically. This reaction can often lead to new things coming up in your mind, so that we’ll look at the Align part again. And on it goes in a beautiful spiral!

I use all these parts daily to manifest. Align to check that my beliefs are working for me rather than against me. Attract to stay in the high vibrational state of having it already. And Act to push the gas pedal and move forward!

How can you use these parts in what you’re manifesting? Would love to hear about what you’re manifesting now in a comment!

And please reach out with any questions - I’d love to have a chat!

Happy manifesting friends