• Do you feel like life’s “good”? That you’ve got the “good” job/career, the privilege to drink away your sorrows each weekend, but… there’s something missing?

  • Does corporate life make your shoulders strained and your energy drained, so you’re too tired to do anything but watching another episode of Netflix in the evening?

  • Yet you have this idea that you so wanna share with the world… but how? And what if you try and fail?

  • Maybe you’ve even started a blog or tried to grow your Instagram, with your mum as your only fan. With blushing cheeks, you quickly logged out thinking that maybe you just don’t have what it takes

  • Or you’re already an entrepreneur: you’re working hard, you’ve applied enough strategies to design an entire solar system, you’re constantly doing all the things… yet the clients are money aren’t coming, and you’re so over hoping that “maybe next month will be better”

  • So you obsessively follow that girl who actually made it, seeing the success that you know deep down has your name on it. And you’re so ready to create it NOW!

Soul sister - I feel you!

Because this used to be me.

And if I could tell you 1 thing, it would be that the life of income, independence and influence you desire and deserve is so possible for you!


  • Sleeping in on a Monday because you can, then enjoying a nice massage and yoga class at that top studio before having lunch at the healthy organic place you used to label as expensive - now you’re happy to pay for your friends because money is not a problem

  • Smiling as you just couldn’t resist from posting that cliche working-from-the-beach image on Instagram, since you now travel whenever you want, wherever you want

  • Seeing other women rise while doing work you still can’t believe counts as work, since it’s so fulfilling and fun

  • Supporting organisations doing good in this world, caring about animals and the environment without having to eat noodles for the rest of the month since you’re making as much money as YOU wish, not as your paycheck or boss decides

  • Spoiling family and loved ones just because you feel for it

The more I started to imagine this lifestyle, the more I started to see how I’d held back for my whole life. I never saw myself as an entrepreneur. Never as someone who was “good with people” - I was too busy being afraid of facing myself. I always thought I was the exception from the rule. The one who wouldn’t make it.

Until I had enough.


I was super scientific and skeptic towards everything that couldn’t be mathematically proven - on the outside that is - while secretly feeling fascinated by all things manifesting and spirituality. Still, I was stuck in that 9 to 5 with no escape plan, dreading Mondays like the plague. Regular anxiety attacks were something I considered as normal.

I realised I wanted more. So much more. I just didn’t know how.

So I did what every girl would have done: consulted Google. I started to devour all things spiritual and self development, and meditate twice a day.

And something inside me switched. Told me to trust.

After only a few months, I:

  • Manifested a free yoga teacher training in Costa Rica

  • Found myself in sudden and unexpected reorganisations at work, giving me the opportunity to quit before I was “ready”

  • Became a fully booked private yoga teacher making four times as much per hour as in my corporate job, while building my abundance coaching business online

The immediate success as a private yoga teacher acted as proof that once you let go of limiting beliefs, of what you thought was possible, and once you take that first action - your desires will manifest. And they will manifest fast.


I know you’re intelligent and that I don’t have to sugarcoat it: being an entrepreneur has its challenges.

But the massive difference is that I now trust. I trust that whatever happens, the universe always has my back.

And the adventure of and fulfilment of building my own empire, of making a living from spreading love and raising the vibration of this planet… it makes it worth it all. Seeing the things on my list of my dream lifestyle manifest one after another makes my soul sing, and this is what I wish for you, too!

If I can swap anxiety into abundance - so can you! If I can start a business with zero prior knowledge, no savings and no side hustle - then you definitely can!  

And I want to accelerate the journey for you so that you can get grab of the great and the gorgeous sooner. Proudly presenting the Unapologetically You program!!

I’ve condensed my method for manifesting into three pillars: Align, Act & Attract. You align your mindset towards your goals. Then you act in accordance to that alignment together with spiritual practices to attract more abundance.

Because why put time between you and your dreams?!

Together, these ingredients become rocket fuel for your dreams! I have used this method to manifest:

  • A free yoga teacher training in Costa Rica

  • A business loan

  • Enough private yoga clients to become a fully booked private yoga teacher

  • Private coaching clients

  • Teaching yoga at a retreat location in Ibiza

This program is meant for you if you want to shift from scarcity into abundance mindset. A mindset that will manifest in all areas of your life! Love. Money. Mission. Health.

After this experience, you will have a completely new and empowering way of viewing the world, together with tools and methods to help you shift back up again when facing challenges. You will go from feeling that life happens to you to realising, embodying that life happens for you and from you!

Through working with Linnea, I managed to overcome my fears of following my dreams. While working together, I launched my yoga business and got my first clients which brought me great joy!

Linnea helped me to realise that I already had everything I needed within me, and knowing that I was able to start another branch of my business as a web developer. I’ve always had a dream of helping people, and now I’m able to fulfil that through my yoga and web development business!

I would definitely recommend Linnea to anyone who wants to find their mission in life!
— Maria Recska, Berlin

By the end of this experience, you will have:

  • Gone from wanting to know to knowing what you want: unveiled your dreams/goals and your motivation behind them, so that you’re crystal clear on what you want and why

  • Shifted your mindset towards abundance through different tools and practices that feel fun and exciting with a pinch of challenging, so that you have the optimal foundation for calling in the income, independence and influence you want - I’ve seen firsthand how abundance mindset magically translates into financial abundance!

  • Designed your own treasure of spiritual/energy tools to manage your energetic and emotional state towards unlimited abundance

  • Learnt to honouring your cyclic energies so that you can work with them instead of against them and run your business in a sustainable way, having plenty of time for those green juices with your soul sisters, weekly massages and yoga classes

  • Developed confidence to show up unapologetically in your business and speak your authentic truth as the new paradigm leader you are

  • Have a rock solid game plan for how to move forward - get ready to wave goodbye to overwhelm for good!

The sky is not the limit - the mind is!

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 16.34.58.png
Thanks to working with Linnea, I managed to turn my fear of failure into an abundance mindset of seeing every situation as an opportunity to grow, which helped me in hosting a sold out women’s empowerment live event!

I gained awareness around some limiting beliefs and how they were contradictory to my goals, so that I could show up in my coaching business unapologetically.

I can definitely recommend working with Linnea - she’s got a sweet and sparkling personality yet pushes you and your boundaries beyond what you think possible!
— Lisa Altenpohl, Berlin

Think of all the things that are waiting for you:

  • The freedom lifestyle of traveling whenever you want, and staying in your dream home when you feel like grounding

  • Seeing faraway friends and family when you feel for it - not when your boss says yes

  • That unbeatable feeling of fulfilment in contributing to a greater cause

  • To not having to think twice before investing in your own development: going on spiritual retreats, teachings and trainings and meeting soulmates who are into the same stuff as you are.

This will keep waiting forever if you don’t decide to go for it!

In the Align, Act & Attract framework we will:

  • Align your mindset by shining awareness around limiting beliefs, so that you can choose new, empowering ones. Diving into tools to keep your mindset on point, inspired by manifesting philosophies such as Law of Attraction and reality transurfing 

  • Act in an inspired way rather than doing all the things. Getting clarity around your short and longer term goals and make an action plan. Cultivate the art of prioritising instead of procrastinating. Connecting to your intuition

  • Attract what you’re manifesting much faster by leveraging the power of the universe. Spiritual practices that suits you and creating a daily ritual that supports the soulful girl boss version you’re stepping in to! 

The experience is designed to have you progress in a sustainable, holistic way with love - yet adopting an abundance mindset faster than the dollars roll in to Manifestation Babe’s bank account!

This program includes:

  • 3 months support in form of private abundance coaching

  • A kickoff Abundance Intensive call à 90 minutes

  • 8 sessions à 60 minutes (3 calls/month)

  • Extra resources and tools as needed


  • Unlimited email and Voxer support for the duration of the program (valued at $300)


After this program, you will have:

  • trained your mind to see abundance all around, which will reflect in all areas of your life such as wealth, health and love

  • cultivated trust that everything happens for you, so that you can be unapologetic and make bold business decisions leading to even more abundance

  • a crystal clear vision for your soulful girl boss life - say goodbye to overwhelm for good!

  • your own version of the 1 thing all successful soulful entrepreneurs have: a daily ritual to set you up for success all day errry day

  • more confidence in your life and business so that you can show up as the leader you know you are and become a money magnet

  • a treasure of tools, so that you have the power to get up quicker when life happens


$3000 or 3 payments of $1050


You can have it all. Your life of freedom, finances, fulfilment and fun is just a few steps away! By private coaching, you will get there faster. So the question is - can you afford to wait?

This $3000 investment gives you:

  • 3 months of private abundance coaching

  • Unlimited Voxer and emails, so that you’ll always have support a few keystrokes away

  • Energetic and spiritual practices to craft your own daily ritual to use long after the program has ended, so that you can call in abundance on the regular

  • Customised tools, tips and methods to elevate your life in all areas

  • Access to my private Facebook group where I post daily content on manifesting and abundance, and a high vibe community of fellow females following their soul’s calling